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Spring Meeting 2024

A new approach to our annual spring meeting/revival will occur this year.We will study the book[...]

  1. Details Being Rejuvenated
    Mark Russell Sunday PM Worship, April 07, 2024
  2. Details What God is Doing in Christ
    Mark Russell Sunday AM Worship, April 07, 2024
  3. Details Understanding the Resurrection
    Mark Russell Sunday AM Worship, March 31, 2024
  4. Details Characteristics of Being of One Mind
    John Osborne Sunday PM Worship, March 24, 2024
  5. Details The Plan of Redemption
    Keith Greer Sunday AM Worship, March 24, 2024

God's Chosen One-Jack Blake

Greetings,Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God (Matthew 16.16), who has been giv[...]

Which Way Do You Chose-Jack Balke

Greetings, Friends and Brethren,The views of the world, and I am sad to say, even some who clai[...]

Examinations-Jack Blake

Greetings, Friends, and Brethren,When I was in school I hated exams, oral or written.  But[...]

Worship Times & Directions

Welcome to the website for the Vale Church of Christ in Valparaiso, Indiana. The Vale Church of Christ is a congregation of Christians (Acts 11:26) who have made a commitment to Jesus, our Lord and Savior, to make every effort possible to follow God and the teachings found in the Bible. Our church is not the physical location we meet at, but rather the collection of individuals working together to teach, edify, admonish and uplift others in the name of Jesus.

We invite you to review our website for information on our Worship Times & Locationwhat we believe, what to expect at our worship services, the men that serve our congregation and previously recorded live sermons to get a better understanding of the Lord's worshipping body in Valparaiso, IN. If at any time you have questions we invite you to contact us for more information.

If you are in the Northwest Indiana area we invite you to come join us. Join us by opening your own Bible and testing the things preached, taught and practiced at our congregation to ensure that the worship you are a part of comes directly from the holy, inspired word of God. We look forward to meeting you!