About Us

About Us

First and foremost, we are Christians. Christians, as described in the Bible in Acts 11:26 are people who have made a commitment to Jesus and are making every effort to follow Him and His teachings.

A church, as described in the New Testament, is a group of people. A church is not a building where people meet or an organization to join, like a club.

As a group of Christians, a church, we recognize that there are many approaches to being a church. In our town of Valparaiso, there are many types of groups that claim to be following the Lord.

We are not trying to be like or unlike any other group. We simply want to follow the Lord and His teaching both individually and as a group (John 14:15). We do not focus on man-made creeds, or entertainment, though some do and have a larger following. We are a diverse group of disciples from various backgrounds, families, and locations with one binding thing in common. We simply desire to be a "church" that is "of Christ."

We hope that you will explore this site further to find out more about our group, and that you will come and visit with us to experience firsthand how rewarding worshiping and studying God's word together can be.