Services cancelled for January 14, 2024

All services for January 14, 2024 have been cancelled because of severe icing on our parking lot. We will re-run previously recorded classes and sermons on on YouTube channel today.

2023 Weekly Reading Schedule

As promised, our reading schedule as a church will be a bit different this year. Six out of the seven times the word "read" is used in the Gospel of Matthew it is in the context of "“Have you not read?" Let's not be guilty... read! Download the 2023 New Testament Weekly Reading Schedule.

The schedule averages only 5 chapters a week for the year. Time to read more than once and soak in the blessing of that passage.

Note for the Men's Bible Class: our studies will follow this reading plan for the year.

Deacon Appointments

The Elders have placed the names of three men before the congregation to consider adding a new Deacon's for our local body:

  • Brandon Gordon
  • Keith Greer
  • Josh Zimmer

Members with questions or input should follow the process provided outlined in the recent lesson on appointing new deacons no later than Sunday, May 29th. These men will be ordained as new deacons on Sunday, June 5th, 2022.